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Pop Quiz: Sun Diego

  1. San Diego's daily newspaper is the
        a. Observer
        b. Times
        c. Union-Tribune

  2. "La Jolla," San Diego's ritzy northern neighbor, is Spanish for
        a. the jewel
        b. the crown
        c. the fortunate one

  3. The Coronado peninsula is home to the fabled Hotel Del Coronado as well as the
        a. Army
        b. Navy
        c. Air Force

  4. The Old Town district of San Diego is influenced considerably by which ethnic group?
        a. Mexican
        b. Chinese
        c. Swedish

  5. San Diego's football stadium is named after which hi-tech company (and benefactor)?
        a. Cisco
        b. Qualcomm
        c. Motorola

  6. In 1987, the San Diego Yacht Club won back the America's Cup from
        a. Australia
        b. New Zealand
        c. France

  7. San Diego was once the capital of
        a. Mexico
        b. Arizona
        c. California

  8. Average annual rainfall in San Diego is
        a. five inches
        b. ten inches
        c. twenty inches

  9. San Diego's annual (and over-the-top) Over-The-Line tournament involves what kind ball?
        a. softball
        b. golf ball
        c. football

  10. Which of the following cartoonists chose San Diego as his adopted home?
        a. Garry Trudeau
        b. Dr. Seuss
        c. Charles Schulz


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