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Pop Quiz: Seattle See Food

  1. Which of the following islands is not in the greater Seattle area?
        a. Vancouver Island
        b. Bainbridge Island
        c. Vashon Island

  2. The Seattle Mariners' new home is
        a. Sea-Tac Park
        b. Safeco Field
        c. Mariners' Stadium

  3. Hereabouts, the "V.I." refers to:
        a. "very individual," a moniker native Seattleites have for themselves
        b. the Virginia Inn, a historic pub in downtown Seattle
        c. Velvet Inlet, a spit of land darting into Puget Sound

  4. Which of these is not a local oyster?
        a. Hachette
        b. Kumamoto
        c. European Flat

  5. The original Nordstrom store opened in Seattle in:
        a. 1919
        b. 1887
        c. 1901

  6. Which of the following movies were filmed in Seattle?
        a. "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "An Officer and a Gentleman"
        b. "Black Widow," "Vertigo"
        c. "American Beauty," "Sleepless in Seattle"

  7. The genesis of the term "skid row," coined in Seattle, is:
        a. "Skidder's Row," a series of stately row houses on Queen Anne Hill which fell into disrepair at the turn of the century
        b. "Skid's Row," a term used to describe homeless men squatting in the city's warehouse district during the depression
        c. "Skid Road," also known as Yesler Way, site of a sawmill established here during the 1850s

  8. Which of the following retail stores did not originate in Seattle?
        a. Eddie Bauer
        b. Ann Taylor
        c. REI

  9. The CEO of Starbucks is
        a. Howard Schultz
        b. Howard Mintz
        c. Howard Glass

  10. How tall is the Space Needle?
        a. 605 feet
        b. 775 feet
        c. 889 feet


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