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Pop Quiz: Lazy Days in Santa Fe

  1. Georgia O'Keeffe was married to
        a. Alfred Stieglitz
        b. Ansel Adams
        c. Edward R. Murrow

  2. Which mountain range is closest to Santa Fe?
        a. the Rocky Mountains
        b. the Tallback Mountains
        c. the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

  3. a "Christmas" enchilada has
        a. mashed pine nuts in the filling
        b. both red and green sauce on top
        c. a sweet hollyberry glaze

  4. New Mexican casinos can be operated by
        a. Native Americans
        b. veterans' organizations
        c. both

  5. The capital of New Mexico is
        a. Santa Fe
        b. Albuquerque
        c. Taos

  6. The Santa Fe Trail began in
        a. Independence, Missouri
        b. Chicago, Illinois
        c. Topeka, Kansas

  7. Santa Fe's founders named their city in honor of
        a. St. Peter
        b. St. John
        c. St. Francis of Assisi

  8. Adobe architecture is at its core
        a. dried peat moss
        b. bricks of clay
        c. crushed sandstone

  9. The self-styled "Chile Capital of the World" is
        a. Mescalero, New Mexico
        b. Santa Fe, New Mexico
        c. Hatch, New Mexico

  10. Santa Fe is how far from Albuquerque?
        a. 39 miles
        b. 58 miles
        c. 88 miles


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