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Pop Quiz: Top Ten List: San Francisco

  1. How many hills does San Francisco have?
        a. 18
        b. 28
        c. 43

  2. San Francisco's original name was
        a. Yerba Buena
        b. Los Banos
        c. Hillside

  3. The city's fabled cable cars began operating in
        a. 1855
        b. 1873
        c. 1900

  4. San Francisco's tallest building is the
        a. Transamerica Pyramid
        b. Bank of America Center
        c. 101 California Center

  5. The first of the "Beat" poets to come to San Francisco was
        a. Jack Kerouac
        b. Allen Ginsberg
        c. Lawrence Ferlinghetti

  6. Which is longest?
        a. Bay Bridge
        b. Golden Gate Bridge
        c. Golden Gate Park

  7. How many Super Bowl rings does former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana have?
        a. 4
        b. 5
        c. 6

  8. Alcatraz Island is named after
        a. Spanish explorer Don Miguel de Alcatraz
        b. the pelicans which have long roosted there
        c. the Mexican general, Pedro Alcatraz Fortuna, who ruled San Francisco from 1837-1845

  9. Director Francis Ford Coppola wrote the screenplay to the original "Godfather" movie in
        a. Vesuvio Cafe
        b. Tosca Cafe
        c. Caffe Trieste

  10. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" is a quote attributed to
        a. Robert Louis Stevenson
        b. Mark Twain
        c. Jack London


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