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Pop Quiz: Big Salt Lake

  1. Utah Jazz All-Star guard John Stockton went to which college?
        a. Penn State
        b. Gonzaga
        c. Notre Dame

  2. Salt Lake City is in what part of Utah?
        a. Southeastern
        b. Southwestern
        c. Northern

  3. Mormon leader Brigham Young began his westward trek, which ended in the Salt Lake Valley, at
        a. Temple Clear, Illinois
        b. Nauvoo, Illinois
        c. Champlain, Missouri

  4. Brigham Young University (BYU) is located in
        a. Ogden, Utah
        b. Salt Lake City
        c. Provo, Utah

  5. Which of the following musical performers is not Mormon?
        a. The Osmonds
        b. Gladys Knight
        c. Hanson

  6. Which national park is in Utah?
        a. Arches National Park
        b. Gateway to the Sky National Park
        c. Bandelier National Park

  7. "Zion" refers to
        a. the Mormon's promised land
        b. a Utah national park
        c. both

  8. Utah law states that alcohol
        a. can only be sold in private clubs
        b. cannot be advertised
        c. is detrimental to health and well-being

  9. Brigham Young had how many wives?
        a. 18
        b. 27
        c. 40

  10. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is composed of
        a. men
        b. women
        c. both


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