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Pop Quiz: Weekend in Las Vegas

  1. Gambling in Las Vegas was legalized in
        a. 1901
        b. 1919
        c. 1931

  2. The largest hotel on Las Vegas' fabled Strip (in terms of rooms) is the
        a. MGM Grand Hotel
        b. Bellagio
        c. New York, New York

  3. How old must you be to gamble in a Las Vegas casino?
        a. 18
        b. 20
        c. 21

  4. The Strip is formally known as
        a. Las Vegas Boulevard North
        b. Las Vegas Boulevard South
        c. Flamingo Drive

  5. If you wanted to bet on a football game in Las Vegas, you would visit the
        a. Odds-on Table
        b. Football Hand
        c. Sports Book

  6. The late entertainer Liberace's first name was
        a. Tadeuz
        b. Ginkasz
        c. Wladziu

  7. Who was not a member of the Rat Pack?
        a. Joey Bishop
        b. Mel Torme
        c. Peter Lawford

  8. The 50-foot-tall neon cowboy waving to all comers on Las Vegas' Fremont Street is known as
        a. Vegas Vic
        b. Vegas Slim
        c. Fremont Jim

  9. Mobster Bugsy Siegel opened which Las Vegas casino/hotel?
        a. Sahara
        b. Sands
        c. Flamingo

  10. Siegfried and Roy are
        a. magicians
        b. animal trainers
        c. both


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