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Pop Quiz: Kauai'n dreams

  1. What is Kauai's geographical position among the Hawaiian islands?
        a. northernmost
        b. easternmost
        c. westernmost

  2. Kauai's annual rainfall is around
        a. 200 inches
        b. 300 inches
        c. 400 inches

  3. Which 50's era flick was filmed along Kauai's scenic Hanalei Bay?
        a. "From Here to Eternity"
        b. "South Pacific"
        c. "Blue Hawaii"

  4. The county seat of Kauai is
        a. Princeville
        b. Lihue
        c. Wailua

  5. Buildings on Kauai can be no taller than
        a. two stories
        b. ten stories
        c. a coconut tree

  6. King Kamehameha I and his army conquered Kauai in
        a. 1792
        b. 1855
        c. never

  7. Sugar cane was imported into Hawaii by which group?
        a. the Dutch
        b. the Polynesians
        c. the Chinese

  8. Traffic lights were first placed on Kauai in
        a. 1955
        b. 1973
        c. 1985

  9. Which is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands?
        a. Kauai
        b. Niihau
        c. the Big Island

  10. Kauai's best-known papayas are affectionately referred to as
        a. Pink Passion papayas
        b. Strawberry Sunrise papayas
        c. Nectar of the Gods papayas


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