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Pop Quiz: West Hollywood Weekend

  1. The Polo Lounge is located in
        a. The Hotel Bel Air
        b. The Beverly Hills Hotel
        c. Spago

  2. Which of these L.A.-area properties was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?
        a. Hollyhock House
        b. The commissary at 20th-Century Fox Studios
        c. Schindler House

  3. The film "Blade Runner" depicts a futuristic L.A. circa
        a. 2019
        b. 2048
        c. 2098

  4. Which of these Hollywood legends has won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony award?
        a. Judy Garland
        b. Barbra Streisand
        c. Quincy Jones

  5. Which of the following is not a Wolfgang Puck restaurant?
        a. Granita
        b. Chinois on Main
        c. Pinot Grill

  6. The O.J. Simpson criminal trial took place at the
        a. U.S. Federal Courthouse Building
        b. L.A. County Courthouse
        c. California State Superior Courthouse

  7. The Playboy Mansion is located in
        a. Holmby Hills
        b. North Hollywood
        c. Pacific Palisades

  8. Scenes from the movie "Die Hard" were filmed in L.A.'s
        a. Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
        b. Bonaventure Hotel
        c. Atlantic Richfield Plaza

  9. Tori Spelling's real name is
        a. Victoria
        b. Astoria
        c. Torin

  10. Actor Woody Harrelson's health-conscious Hollywood cafe is called
        a. HeartWood
        b. Crystallia
        c. O2


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