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Pop Quiz: A Grand Canyon

  1. How wide is the Grand Canyon at its widest point?
        a. 10 miles
        b. 14 miles
        c. 18 miles

  2. How old are the oldest rock formations in the Grand Canyon?
        a. one billion years old
        b. two billion years old
        c. three billion years old

  3. Which river courses through the Grand Canyon?
        a. San Angelo River
        b. Colorado River
        c. Little Colorado River

  4. The Glen Canyon Dam, north of the Grand Canyon, created what lake?
        a. Lake Mead
        b. Lake Havasu
        c. Lake Powell

  5. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Which of the following is not one of the Seven Natural Wonders?
        a. Mount Everest in Nepal
        b. Great Barrier Reef in Australia
        c. Angel Falls in Venezuela

  6. Grand Canyon National Park was established in
        a. 1907
        b. 1919
        c. 1935

  7. Which Native American reservation is still located in and near the Grand Canyon?
        a. Havasupai
        b. Hopi
        c. Anasazi

  8. The most popular hiking trail on the Grand Canyon's south rim is the
        a. Kachina Trail
        b. Long Life Trail
        c. Bright Angel Trail

  9. The north rim of the Grand Canyon is at an average elevation of
        a. 8,000 feet
        b. 9,000 feet
        c. 10,000 feet

  10. The nearby Four Corners region is comprised of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and
        a. Oklahoma
        b. Utah
        c. Kansas


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are you game? a pop quiz
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