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Pop Quiz: Disney for Adults

  1. Walt Disney World opened in
        a. 1967
        b. 1971
        c. 1979

  2. Which country does not have a Disney theme park?
        a. England
        b. France
        c. Japan

  3. Walt Disney World's homage-to-Hollywood theme park is in partnership with which movie studio?
        a. Paramount
        b. Universal
        c.   MGM

  4. Mickey's ears are usually
        a. blue
        b. black
        c. red

  5. The newest theme park at Walt Disney World is
        a. Magical Mystery Ride
        b. Animal Kingdom
        c. Paradise Found

  6. The daily opening of Walt Disney World is often referred to as
        a. The Great Gate-Way
        b. Open Sesame
        c. Rope Drop

  7. Which one of these "lands" is not in the Magic Kingdom?
        a. Fantasyland
        b. Tomorrowland
        c. Never-neverland

  8. Which one of these countries is not featured in the EPCOT theme park?
        a. Mexico
        b. Ireland
        c. Norway

  9. EPCOT's "Universe of Energy" attraction spotlights which well-known comic?
        a. Robin Williams
        b. Drew Carey
        c. Ellen DeGeneres

  10. At the center of the Magic Kingdom is
        a. Mickey & Minnie's Mouse House
        b. Cinderella's Castle
        c. Walt's Wonderful Whirl


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