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Pop Quiz: Twenty Million + 2

  1. Which of the following gentlemen was murdered in Mexico City?
        a. Karl Marx
        b. Benito Mussolini
        c. Leon Trotsky

  2. Mexico's Independence Day is celebrated on
        a. September 15
        b. May 5
        c. December 1

  3. The Mexican delicacy "pollo en pipian" is
        a. chicken in red pepper sauce
        b. chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus
        c. chicken in pumpkin-seed sauce

  4. "La Malinche" was the notorious lover of
        a. Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes
        b. Aztec leader Moctezuma
        c. both

  5. Which of these ruins are closest to Mexico City?
        a. Chichen Itza
        b. Teotihuacan
        c. Monte Alban

  6. Frida Kahlo married Diego Rivera at the age of
        a. 15
        b. 19
        c. 25

  7. Which of these indigenous peoples hailed from the region now known as Mexico City?
        a. Aztecs
        b. Mayans
        c. Zapotecs

  8. "Sanborns" is
        a. a Mexican coffee-house chain
        b. a finishing school established in the capital by the British in 1890
        c. Mexico City's premier residential district

  9. Mexico's long-ruling political party is the
        a. PRD
        b. PRI
        c. PAN

  10. A mariachi band has how many members?
        a. nine
        b. eleven
        c. depends on the band


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