The Winter Travel Schedule

This season's wanderings will have me heading from west to east with some island-hopping in between.  Sound like fun?  Well, it should be!  Interesting, too.  The schedule is listed below.  As always, I invite you to email me with questions, comments or general good cheer before, during or after a trip.

late August -- Napa Valley, California
vineyards, vintners, good food and a great new spa
Story| 5 minute city| Photos
late September -- Seattle, Washington
back to the Emerald City for more good eats
Story| Photos
January 10-16 -- Kauai, Hawaii
the Garden Isle is lush, and the papayas aren't the only sweet treat
Story| 5 minute city| Photos| Quiz
February 7-10 -- Chicago, Illinois
the Chicago Auto Show is car heaven for road warriors
Story| 5 minute city| Photos| Quiz
April 3-7 -- Toronto, Canada
O Canada! what tall buildings you have!
Story| 5 minute city| Photos
May 11-14 -- San Francisco, California
three perfect days in the city by the Bay?  you bet
Story| 5 minute city| Photos| Quiz

I'll be posting dispatches from each destination while I'm there. Again, if you've got a question, comment or plea regarding any part of this journey, send me an email (simply click the link below). Remember, I'm your scout on the road -- and I'm WIRED while I'm traveling. We can either chat while I'm on the road or you can read the stories (and view the pix!) as they go online.

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